About Rachael

Rachael, the blogger behind Nourished Keto, is a full-time graduate student working towards a Masters in Teaching. Before graduate school, Rachael was a the manager of a robust local farmers market and amateur farm hand. She has kept a vegetable garden regularly for the past four years, and believes arugula is the best "feel good" plant to grow since it germinates so quickly. She used to have chickens, but now relies on her folks and family for pastured chicken and turkey eggs. Rachael lives on the lush and green Kitsap Pensinsula with her fiance and cat.

Rachael started the ketogenic diet at the beginning of April 2018 to balance her hormones, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, get to the bottom of relentless brain fog and energy imbalances, and hopefully lose some weight. She found the ketogenic way of eating to be a great fit for her lifestyle and goals, and created Nourished Keto to share her resources, favorite products, recipes, and way of life.